Network Cabling and Server Solution

Our Network Cabling and Server Solution includes

Network services

Network engineering is a basic device for all enterprises. After the network installation, all users can share the resources as long as there is a computer connected to the printer, data machine or scanner.

As the network gradually begins to expand and the number of employees begins to grow, we advise our customers to set up a server on the network. Because the server can be unified all the information and centralization of different departments and staff resources. It can also be used for data sharing. This saves the trouble of manual data transmission and occur during transmission the error is.

We will also install a perfect wireless network system to meet the needs of customers. Therefore, customers can enjoy network resources and wireless Internet services in the company.

Network Cabling

The most traditional networking method, the benefits of using network cable to send data, we used CAT5 / 6 UTP Cable, panel and plug which are produced by AMP, is definitely a guarantee of confidence.To ensure the stability of network broadband and traffic control, Concord is committed to providing a variety of cable network deployment programs, welcomed for inquiry.

Wireless Network

With the maturity and popularity of web application technologies, the benefits of using wireless networks are companies can arrange office connectivity points without the need of re-route new connections, simply re-route wireless networks, or use existing power networks. Concord is committed to providing a variety of wireless networking programs, welcomed for inquiry.

Optic Fiber Network

The fastest network transmission speed, the farthest transmission distance and the most secure network transmission technology. Concord is committed to providing a variety of optic fiber networking solution, welcomed for inquiry.

File Server

It prevents files from being scattered across employees' computers, complicating the search for files, and better managing the file security level. All employees can effectively record file access times and actions. In security, the server can also be used for inspection role. In other words, with the server, we can tell if there are employees who return to the company to read the confidential files late at night or to confirm that any employee attempts to use another password to try other restricted areas.

Email & Web Server

Company email is a central to all internal and external communications. The e-mail server effectively ensures that all company-owned, confidential and important e-mail and communications are managed by internal staff and records the times and content of the email. A new generation of e-mail system as sending and receiving e-mail management, also support the web page or mobile phone, electronic palms, etc.

Database Server

A company-wide data storage center, as a database server, can effectively access and change corporate data and related data through programs or web-based interfaces to colleagues who need and have access to information. They can also effectively record all employees times and action of accessing the information.


How enterprises continue to run their business even when they leave the office today is the key to their success in the era of mobile communications. We believe businesses have similar experience, limited access to company's information whether it is business trip or to the client to negotiate business, or at any meeting. However, connecting the company internally or remotely via telephone, will cost you a lot more than you expected. Through virtualization, extending the connection to the company's central network allows staff to have free and secure access to corporate resources from anywhere. On the construction of various business value-added services (voice, video, security, Internet, data backup). Concord can help enterprises in setting up VPN private network.